Monday, August 24, 2015

We at ilearn provide online tuition to students and keen learners in Tamil, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Music. We have completed more than 2000 hours of online tuitions for students and language learners of all age group across the globe. Our students and learners are mainly from USA, UK, Europe, Middle East and Far East Countries. Our teachers are qualified, highly experienced and proficient in relevant subjects and rigorously trained in online teaching and interpersonal skills.
Advantages of Online tuitions:
1.       Access to highly qualified and proficient teacher for students/learners situated anywhere in the globe
2.       Provided at your convenient time and at your door step
3.       No transportation and logistics involved
4.       Direct interaction with teachers for assessment and feedback
1.       Required high speed internet
2.       Skype access should be allowed in the country.
For Students:
We conduct one to one online tuitions to students from CBSE, IGSE, ICSE and State Board Curriculum.  Online teaching method includes one to one interaction, usage of digital boards, reviewing previous sessions, providing assignments, conducting continuous assessment and feedback to parents.
For Language Learners:
We conduct language classes on Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam in speaking and writing to keen learners of all age group. This is applicable to those who are never or limited exposure to these languages and   interested in learning to speak or write or both. Online teaching methods include identification of alphabets, words recognition and forming, speaking skills, sentence forming, writing skills etc.  
How it works?
If you are interested in any of our classes, please send an email to below address.
A demo session will be arranged at your convenient time. On satisfaction, the regular classes will be conducted at mutually agreed time. 
Course fees:
The course fees are applicable as per the selected subject; please send an email to above address for further details.
Fees Payment:
The fees can be paid in any of the following mode
1.       Using paypal, paypal id:
2.       Using online transfer
On-line Support:
The administrative support will be available on 24 x 7, please contact the below for any support
Skype ID: visitthebest 

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